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Public Appearance > 2014 > Sin City A Dame To Kill For Experience At Comic-Con
Public Appearance > 2014 > Sin City A Dame To Kill Press Line And Panel at Comic-Con
Public Appearance > 2014 > Microsoft VIP Lounge at Comic-Con

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Public Appearance > 2014 > The ESPY Awards
Photoshoots > 2014 > Session 08

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Public Appearance > 2014 > Spike TVs Guys Choice Awards
Public Appearance > 2014 > Samsung Hope For Children Gala

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You can watch Jessica in Years of Living Dangerously Monday, May 26th on SHOWTIME!

In episode seven, three stories provide insight into the economic costs and opportunities of global warming. Jessica Alba meets three members of Climate Corps-an innovative MBA-focused program developed by The Environmental Defense Fund – as they try to convince America’s top corporations that sustainability can actually boost their bottom lines. Having traveled in episode one to investigate drought in Syria, Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman finds himself in Egypt to explore how what happens in the wheat fields of Kansas plays out on the volatile streets of Cairo. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes returns to reveal an intimate story about life after Superstorm Sandy, with the most economically vulnerable trying to survive the impacts of climate change.

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Television > Years of Living Dangerously > Posters
Television > Years of Living Dangerously > Behind The Scenes
Television > Years of Living Dangerously > Portraits
Television > Years of Living Dangerously > Preview 1 Screencaps
Television > Years of Living Dangerously > Preview 2 Screencaps

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Public Appearance > 2014 > Helping Hand of Los Angeles Mothers Day Luncheon
Public Appearance > 2014 > Beyond Fashion Costume Institute Gala
Public Appearance > 2014 > Anthropologie Celebrates A Denim Story
Public Appearance > 2014 > Nylon Magazine Cover Party
Movie Productions > Sin City: A Dame To Kill For > Trailer Screencaps

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Oh my goodness it has been way to long since I’ve updated the site and I know I keep saying that but I really do love working on Jessica Daily and I adore Jessica. I’ve been a fan of her’s for what seems most of my life lol and I realized that in a few months Jessica Daily will be celebrating 4 years online! I put of new themes here and in the gallery that were designed by Ray. I also added a few miscellaneous pictures to the gallery and more updates are coming soon.

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I know its been far to long since I’ve updated here and I’m so sorry. I have not abandoned Jessica Daily, I just need to get back into the groove of fansites. So for starts I’ve added over 150 photos of Jessica attending the MTV Movie Awards to the gallery.

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Public Appearance > 2014 > MTV Movie Awards

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Gallery Links
Candids > 2014 > February 6th – At Craigs In West Hollywood
Candids > 2014 > February 8th – At Gwen Stefanis Baby Shower At Bel Air Hotel
Candids > 2014 > February 9th – At The Park With Haven In West Hollywood
Candids > 2014 > February 11th – Out In Santa Monica
Candids > 2014 > February 14th – At Urth Caffe In Los Angeles
Candids > 2014 > February 15th – Shopping At Barneys And Whole Foods
Candids > 2014 > February 18th – Out In Los Angeles

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Appearances From 2014> Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening
Appearances From 2014> Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer Event
Appearances From 2014> Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Hosting EXPERIENCE East Meets West

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